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Motor Skills in Children

Motor skills are skills related to specific movements of the body’s muscles to perform a certain task. They involve moving and coordinating the muscles of the body. We use motor skills everyday throughout our lives. Almost everything that we do, from walking up a flight of stairs to taking notes on a piece of paper, is enabled by our motor skills. Motor skills and motor control begin developing after birth and will progress as children grow. The development of motor

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It’s not all child’s play when it comes to your child’s PLAY

Little Nyra is 8 months old. Like most babies her age, she has many toys strewn around her crib. However, she is always more interested in getting hold of her mother’s things. She often tries to grab her mother’s glasses, her phone, wallet, jewellery or pretty much anything her mother handles. She is fascinated by these objects. When she manages to get a grip on one of these things, quite to her mother’s dismay, she likes to drop them. She

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