Metanoa – A Seamless Clinical Experience

Metanoa offers a state-of-the-art clinic management system that empowers clinics, doctors, therapists and schools to deliver superior care for children with developmental disorders. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for screening, diagnosis and therapy for developmental disorders like Autism, Speech Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities etc. With Metanoa, clinicians can access a wide array of tools and resources tailored to various disciplines such as occupational therapy, behavioural therapy, speech-language pathology, psychology and special education. Our clinic management software ensures precision and reliability in every aspect of clinic administration, from scheduling appointments to securely managing patient data in the cloud.

Our unique AI-based environment renders real-time therapies convenient and accessible to everyone. From integrated screening tools to automated therapy suggestions, each feature on Metanoa is meticulously designed to streamline the process of administering therapy, save time and evoke optimal outcomes. With our therapy software, professionals have access to a wealth of resources that enhance their ability to provide effective and evidence-based treatments. Let us take a look at some of the features on Metanoa that facilitate a seamless clinical experience.

  • Screening Tools and Assessments: The platform comes preloaded with a carefully calibrated set of screening tools and assessments to check for signs of developmental disorders. The integrated assessment tools serve as an excellent aid for doctors and therapists to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. There is also a provision to build customized assessment forms according to the needs of each department.
  • Assessment Reports: The system generates a consolidated report based on the various screening tools and forms used by therapists. Doctors and therapists can also note down their diagnosis in the diagnosis column and access this information whenever needed. This can also be shared to their peers or other departments via a secure channel to facilitate fast and effective treatment.
  • Pre-defined Activities and Goals: The platform incorporates predefined activities  that can be employed for therapy. These activities and goals can also be customized by the therapist to suit the specific needs of the child. This module also comes with a provision to add more goals and activities.
  • Automated Therapy Suggestions: Based on the assessment reports and diagnosis, the system recommends activities and goals that can be used in therapy.
  • Therapy Progress Tracker: The progress of prescribed therapy and outcomes of assigned activities are continuously tracked.Through constant evaluation, Metanoa’s AI engine determines whether the prescribed therapy is effective and recommends changes if a particular approach is not producing desired results over time.
  • Patient referrals and follow-up: The platform comes with a provision to refer patients to a different clinic for additional assistance and follow up on the progress. It also lets doctors and therapists stay in touch with patients and provide minor remedies without a visit to the clinic. This contributes to nurturing and building long-lasting patient relationships.
  • Dedicated Parents mobile application: Metanoa offers a free to download mobile app on android and iOS which parents can use to connect with caregivers and share information on the progress of therapy. This application comes with various features like milestone tracker, age-wise activities and goals, school readiness screening etc. The mobile application enables parents to record the results of the activities assigned for therapy and allows therapists to remotely monitor the progress.
  • Tele-therapy support: As the pandemic has disrupted conventional modes of engagement in many sectors including health services, it is only pragmatic to move towards tele/video consultation methods. The platform comes with a built-in video call facility with end-to-end encryption to facilitate online therapy.