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Metanoa offers a state-of-the-art platform that empowers clinics and therapists to deliver superior care for people with developmental disorders. You get a cloud-based, paperless clinic management system that helps you manage each aspect of clinic administration with precision and reliability. It saves time, reduces your workload and keeps all data in the cloud – secure and easy to manage.

Increase Revenue Streams


Streamline Therapy


Eliminate Operational Complexities


Skole difference

We offer a unique early education experience built on 30 years of expertise, and on what working families have told us they want and need for their children…and for themselves. Child care and early education isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are.

Automated Screening Tools

The integrated screening and assessment tools serve as an excellent aid for doctors and therapists to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.
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Assessment Reports

The system generates a consolidated report based on the screening tools and forms used by the therapist to assess the patient.
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Activities & Goals Library

The platform incorporates predefined activities that can be employed for therapy. These activities and goals can also be customised by the therapist to suit the specific needs of the child.
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The application comes with a built-in video call facility with end-to-end encryption to facilitate online therapy.
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Patient Onboarding

An intuitive and lucid portal that lets you handle patient admission with great ease.
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Appointment Booking

Users will be able to see the schedules of each professional and accordingly select an appropriate time slot for appointment.
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From invoice generation to managing payment balances, a complete billing solution for the institution.
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The analytics provide a comprehensive view of organizational performance in infographic mode. Daily, weekly and monthly reports of each department can be obtained.
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Employee Performance Monitoring

This feature lets you spot areas where there is room for improvement and increase organizational efficiency.
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