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Developmental disorders are conditions that affect a child’s progress as they grow and acquire life skills. 

In scientific terms, developmental disorders involve impairment in one or more areas of development such as physical, cognitive, language or behavioural abilities. They may hinder the acquisition, retention or application of skills pertaining to mobility, memory, perception, communication or social interaction. Common developmental disorders include Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disorders, speech delays, language disorders, physical challenges and other developmental delays.  

Early detection and intervention is crucial as it can have a significant impact on your little one’s ability to learn new skills and produce improved outcomes. Metanoa identifies early symptoms of developmental disorders by analyzing various developmental markers in children. We provide a comprehensive platform that gives you access to resources, information and a dynamic support system, empowering you to chart the right course of action for your child.


Identifying a developmental disorder at a very early age and getting a correct diagnosis can often seem like a daunting prospect. Self-assessments and screening tests constitute the first step for the diagnosis of any condition. If your child does not have a diagnosis of any developmental disorders, but you are concerned there might be a possibility, then go through our assessment processes. Since the conditions may have similar symptoms and they may seem associated, we recommend you to complete all the screening tests. Each screening test takes only 5 to 6 minutes to complete. If the results indicate that your child is experiencing the symptoms of a certain condition, our health professionals will give you detailed assessments and further guidance. If you are concerned about your child’s conditions even after the results indicate normal development, do not hesitate to share it with us and we will help you. Remember these results are not diagnostic, but informational. Our online assessment tools are not a substitute for visiting a healthcare professional and getting a thorough assessment.


Developmental milestones are behavioural and physical check-points in a child’s development. They can be used as a framework to identify children who may be at risk for developmental delay. You can use the ‘Milestones-Tracker’ to check whether your child meets the milestones in the relevant age-group. If a risk of developmental delay is detected, you can opt for expert support from our clinical team and start an early intervention program.


While children meet developmental milestones at their own pace, there are activities that you can engage them in to encourage their growth and development. Activities and games serve as means for stimulating children’s brains as they learn to adapt their behaviour to variations in their body and environment. This feature lets you choose activities that are suitable for your child’s age, set goals and track progress.


The outcomes are greater and effective when parents become the therapists of their children. Ongoing parent participation in their children’s skill development can contribute significantly to the rate of progress. Parents are the biggest facilitators of the overall development of a child. We work with you in providing better care and intervention according to the needs of your child. After analyzing the results of your screening tests, we will assess the needs of your child. Then we will set certain goals for the areas where your child needs help and provide you with activities for achieving these goals. Step by step guidance along with reference videos, pictures and explanations will be provided to keep things simple. You can modify the activities according to your concerns and track the progress of your child based on the outcomes you receive. We will also constantly monitor the progress, assess the effectiveness of the activities and improvise goals and activities accordingly.


As the pandemic has disrupted the conventional modes of engagement in many sectors including health services, it is only pragmatic to move towards tele/video consultation methods. It’s time to embrace virtual consultation which is as effective as traditional face-to-face consultation. When physical contact is restricted, accessibility is limited and your safety is at risk Metanoa acts as the perfect solution for maintaining your child’s developmental trajectory.


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