A Complete Paperless Cloud Solution for Your Business

We understand that organizational efficiency translates into better care for the children in need. Metanoa’s online clinic management system offers vital tools that help you reduce clinical, clerical and administrative complexities. We have evolved a systematic workflow model which can be fine-tuned to suit your requirements. It lets you provide role-based access to your staff, stay connected to the finances and get insights into how your enterprise is performing. Metanoa provides a complete paperless solution that reduces your workload, increases operational efficiency and keeps all data in the cloud – secure and easy to manage.

Our clinic management software is designed to meet the unique needs of clinics specializing in the treatment of conditions like Autism, Speech Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and more. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to addressing developmental disorders, empowering clinics to deliver therapy that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of children they serve. Additionally, we provide an all-inclusive hospital management software to meet the needs of larger medical facilities.

  • Patient Onboarding : A lucid portal to register patients and add all the relevant information. The patient registration portal lets you handle patient admission with great ease.
  • Appointment Booking: Once the patient is registered, a feasible time slot can be selected for appointment with the concerned doctor or therapist. Users will be able to see the schedules of each professional and select an appropriate time slot.
  • Billing: Metanoa offers a complete billing solution for your enterprise. From invoice generation to managing payment balances to inventory management, you get all the tools you need to put your book-keeping worries to rest.
  • Employee Performance Module: Monitoring employee performance gives you the means to spot areas where there is room for improvement and increase organizational efficiency. This module gives you an in-depth view of the performance of each employee. For instance, in the case of a therapist, you can see the average time for a treatment session, outcomes and recovery rate of patients, patient retention, revenue generated etc.
  • Analytics: The analytics provide a comprehensive view of organizational performance in infographic mode. You can see daily, weekly and monthly reports of each department. It lets you identify strong and weak areas, gain insights and make informed decisions.
  • Complete paperless cloud solution: It is time to do away with those paper intake-forms and thick patient-files which overfill the racks in your lobby and have to be carried from department to department. Metanoa provides a total paperless solution that reduces your workload and keeps all data in the cloud – secure and easy to manage.