Why Metanoa?

Each child is different. These differences are also the seat of their uniqueness. For some children, coping with a developmental disorder is a part of everyday life. It may be a mild and manageable case of dyslexia or a condition that requires lifelong support like Autism Spectrum Disorder. Living with a developmental disorder need not mean living a less fulfilling life. Despite the challenges, we believe that children with developmental disorders can lead full, happy lives with the right kind of support.

Why is early diagnosis important?

When it comes to developmental disorders, early detection is of paramount importance. The early years are the most active period for establishing neural connections. Consequently, the connections in a baby’s brain are most adaptable during the first three years of life. With age, these connections become harder to change. Therefore, it is crucial that developmental disorders are identified and intervention measures are started earlier in life than later. Early intervention almost always results in an improved development trajectory. It helps children acquire new skills and reduces the need for costly treatment later in life.

Unfortunately, most parents fail to recognize the signs of developmental disorders in these early stages. Metanoa is designed to allay this disadvantage and empower parents to identify developmental disorders as early as possible. We then help parents start early intervention measures at home, replace worry with focused action and build a better foundation for all future learning, behaviour and health.


1. Screening tests and assessments: A carefully calibrated set of tests and assessments to screen for any delays in development

2. Identifies symptoms and generates reports: Detects symptoms of developmental delays, if present, by analysing the results of screening tests. Generates a personalised report and a plan for therapy, if needed.

3. Interaction with in-house clinical team: Therapy support and guidance from our expert clinical team comprising experienced doctors and therapists.

4. Assigns activities, goals and therapy: In accordance with the reports from above steps, the system assigns activities, goals and therapy needed for the child.

5. Monitors progress: The progress of prescribed therapy and the outcomes of assigned activities are continuously tracked over time. Through constant evaluation, Metanoa’s AI engine determines whether a prescribed therapy is effective and making significant progress for a child. If not, it would suggest the next best solution tailored to the specific needs of the child.