About Us

At Metanoa, we believe that there has to be a better way to help children with developmental disorders across the globe. All children, irrespective of the conditions they are born in, deserve access to resources that can help them reach their full potential. When it comes to developmental disorders, early identification and intervention can help bring a significant qualitative difference to the child’s life. Unfortunately, many parents and children are at a disadvantage due to lack of instructive resources and assistive tools at their disposal.

We recognized this need through personal experience. Having struggled with childhood developmental disorders and its many battles himself, our founder Vibin Varghese set out on an aspirational journey. His childhood memories were rife with his struggles with a speech impediment and the therapy sessions he had to undergo much later in life to rectify the disorder. This prompted him to come up with a solution with the help of technology. The goal was to empower parents, therapists and caregivers to detect developmental red flags early on, organize the right intervention measures and help set the children up for success. As a result, Metanoa was founded in the year 2019.

Today, Metanoa is an AI-enabled platform that facilitates early diagnosis, enables parents to administer therapies at home with the help of trained therapists and monitors the progress of outcomes. Metanoa has evolved into a comprehensive resource pool, providing necessary tools, information and a dynamic support system to families coping with developmental disorders.

Over the years, we have been successful in bringing about a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of children and parents we work with. We envision a world where no child is left behind on account of developmental disorders. Each day, our collective efforts are solely focused on taking us one step closer to this vision.




Inception. Started developing base web app for clinic management.

Exhibited in GITEX 2019

Finalist in Abu Dhabi Health Authority Competition

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival Finalist, UAE


Launched iOS and Android apps for parents (Beta version)

Selected for NASSCOM 10000 Startups Accelerator

Started working on Metanoa as a complete paperless rehabilitation solution.


Selected for “Tech Tour” programme by Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Selected for T-Block Accelerator Programme by Tech-Mahindra (India)

Exhibited in Expo 2020, Dubai, UAE
Presented Metanoa in UN Pavilion, Expo 2020, Dubai

Participated in “TASMU” Accelerator Programme bt Qatar Government

Selected for ‘Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund’ (MBRIF) Accelerator, Dubai, UAE

Developed and deployed Therapy and Rehabilitation module for Stroke and Spinal Injury patients

Received Most Impactful Business Award by MBRIF, Dubai, UAE


Participated in Flag6Labs ‘Ignite’ programme at Abu Dhabi, UAE