Mental Health


Do you believe in “Early intervention”? Time is ticking and don’t “wait-and-see”. Early intervention matters. It is extremely important, than the out-dated “wait-and-see” approach. It is never too soon to seek out intervention for our children. Keeping a track of how your kid plays, speaks, moves, and acts in their early years will help you to support their development. Act early when you suspect a problem and follow your gut. Early intervention: Early intervention is a collection of therapy and

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Mental health is a lifelong journey. We cannot downplay its significance as it affects everyone. We can’t control the life events, but we can make good choices to make the journey a wonderful one. It may feel tiring, it may feel hard to manage and the things may get messed up, but to enjoy the ride we have to put a big smile on our face, and we have to think about the positive possibilities that lie ahead. Be the

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