School Readiness


School Readiness Screening and

The transition into school represents a major step in your child’s life. Do you worry that your child, who has been living under your constant supervision, may not be ready to take on the challenges of school ?

  • School readiness can be broadly defined as the skills, knowledge and abilities that children need to acquire so that they can make a smooth and successful transition to school.

We, at Metanoa, understand that the transition to school can often be a period of stress and uncertainty for you and the child. This key change in the child’s routine and environment can be assisted through some active forward planning.

We believe that school readiness needs to be defined in broad developmental terms so that the uniqueness of each child is preserved and respected. In our school readiness screening tool, we provide a comprehensive list of tasks and activities that can assess as well as enhance the school readiness of your child.

  • These tasks and activities cover a broad range of skills including academic basics, self-care, attention and concentration, emotional regulation, physical, social and language abilities. 
  • The activities in this section will help you make sure that your child enters school ready to benefit the most from early learning experiences.

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